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Patient Testimonials



An Angel Far From Home


My Name is Teresa Howard. I am from Eugene, Oregon and I was introduced to Chiropractic care by my father.


When I was a child and throughout my life I have used my practitioner back home. I’m a union electrician & here in the Central Coast area to work the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant outage.  This is my fourth year coming here to work.  Having to travel to work I was spending, sometimes, months away from home and my regular Chiropractic Doctor. 


The first year I was here, I just used a massage therapist to help relieve my tension and back discomfort, but a couple of years ago, I was introduced to Erin by the massage therapist I was seeing. 


Since then, my chiropractic care needs not be interrupted by my having to travel for work.  She’s my Central Coast Angel.



A New Life


I am an ex-firefighter who spent over 20 years trying to rescue others. I want to thank Dr. Erin for rescuing me!


My lady Teresa and I are down here from Eugene, OR while she works the outage at the Diablo Canyon. Teresa purchased a treatment package and it has made an incredible difference in my health and well-being.


With a number of head injuries and resulting C-spine complications, it has been frustrating to feel like an old man before my time.  After only a few visits the difference is dramatic! I was able to truly RUN 3 miles for the first time in YEARS! I’m no longer a broken down old fire horse.


Thank you Dr. Erin and staff for effecting such healing!

Tim C.



Turning Point


My name is Monica and I delivered my son, Connor Nicolas Carpenter on November 25, 2008. During my weekly office visit in the 3rd Trimester, my OB-GYN, Dr. Lickness informed my husband and I that baby Connor was in a breach position.  He stated that if Connor does not turn on his own by the following week, then he would attempt to turn him externally.  If unsuccessful, then there was the possibility for a C-section. 

We were referred to Erin Parsons, by Dr. Lickness's childbirth coach, Kathy Tuck.


During the initial visit with Erin, she deducted why Connor was breach and explained the circumstances to my husband and I.  I came for 5 consecutive adjustment visits, and at our next appointment with Dr. Lickness, we were informed our baby Connor turned. We recognize that this is not successful for all mothers, but thankfully for us, it was a success story. My pelvis was out of alignment causing Connor to not have enough room to move in the head down position.


Erin adjusted my pelvis giving Connor the room to move to the proper position, head down. Erin was a delight to work with and I recommend her professional expertise for anyone in need of chiropractic adjustments.  She is both a professional and caring person. My husband and I are honored to call her a friend. Thank you very much Erin.



Monica, Nick, and Connor Carpenter



Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time, there was a young girl, Emily, who had horrible tremendously awful headaches and would love to eat Advil like it was candy. Emily's sister, Jessica had been going to see this doctor who magically would pop people's backs and necks to make them feel better. Of course Jessica pushed for Emily to go see this magical doctor and her name was Dr. Erin.


Emily had never really been a big fan of doctors because they have always told her bad things. Jessica kept pursuing her to just try this doctor out, that she was a different kind of doctor.  Finally, Emily went to go see Dr. Erin and quickly became aware that this was definitely some sort of magic!


Emily continued to see Dr. Erin every week for about three or four months and every week Emily saw improvement. You could easily tell that Dr. Erin really cared about her patients. She helped Emily start a food journal to see if there were certain foods in her diet that triggered these dreadful headaches. Emily soon realized that her headaches were becoming less frequent with her visits.


Emily now only goes to visit Dr. Erin once a month and her headaches are once in a blue moon. So the moral of the story is, Dr. Erin is not only fantastic, she is willing to help no matter the circumstances. She truly helped Emily. Besides the fact that she helped out in the headache department; she made it known that doctors aren't that scary, they only want to help you get better.


Dr. Erin became one of the most caring and wonderful doctors Emily have ever known and it is truly a blast to go and see her and Pamela for my appointments. And Emily lived happily ever after!



Pain Free


I have been a patient at San Luis Obispo Chiropractic Center for 5 months. I came to Dr. Erin for severe shoulder pain and headaches. It turned out that I had some ribs out of place due to poor posture, and my neck was out of alignment. Dr. Erin taught me how to correct my posture by doing simple exercises, and today I am shoulder pain free. My headaches have also gone away completely.


Chiropractic care has had a significant impact on my life.  I am not only pain free, but I am more able to enjoy daily activities. I am able to take better care of my body with the knowledge that Dr. Erin has given me. And best of all, my husband and I were able to relax and enjoy our December honeymoon in Mexico without any headaches or shoulder pain!


Jessica M.



 My Achin’ Back


  I hurt my back in 1944 while stationed at an Air Corps base in Louisiana.  Nothing brave or romantic.  My foot went out from under me while trying to punt a football on the tarmac in front of a hangar one foggy day while we were grounded. I landed full force on the small of my back on the concrete.  I hurt myself badly enough to end up in the base hospital.


The bottom line: I had the choice of applying for a medical discharge or continuing to fly as long as it was fighter planes, not bombers. Absolutely the most insane advice I could possibly have gotten but I was content with it because it allowed me to fly fighter planes.  What did I know? I was only a romantic young man.


When the war ended and I was released from the service I was given detailed instructions on what I could and could not do.  I was forbidden to lift anything over six pounds, could participate in no sports, etc, etc. In college all I could do in P.E. was take swimming classes.  But I was fine until I went to work in an office job after graduation.


The physical therapist I found gave me exercises to do that would strengthen my back muscles to compensate for the deformed spine. That worked for awhile but I still experienced a lot of pain until working with stunt men on movie sets who told me they regularly went to see a chiropractor close to the studio.


I’ve been seeing chiropractors ever since. I’m 85 now and still active, play golf regularly, am able to lift things that are too heavy for my 70 year old wife and in general live a very normal life. I say these things not to brag, but so I can give proper credit to my present chiropractor, Erin.


I see Erin on average once every two weeks.  I feel that I don’t absolutely need to see her that often but I do it more as a cautionary device than anything.  As my wife loves to say, “You’re not getting any younger, you know.”


Richard B.



My Revived Body


  My name is Sean and I’m 26 years old.  Until recently, my back, hips, and knees often felt like some complain they do at 56!  I’ve been playing in some form of contact sports since the age of 11 and weightlifting almost daily since about 15.  I’ve had bouts of sciatica before, tight muscles, crackling knees, and issues with flexibility, but I’d come to a point where my left hip would not let up in its daily annoyances and my better days of squatting and dead-lifting were just done.  Had I actually come to the point at 26 years old where my body was screaming, “enough is enough!” and it was time to take on less rigorous forms of entertainment and exercise?  Well, I almost thought so and so did the people that work out with me.  I know if you’re reading this and older than me you’re probably rolling your eyes at me and saying, “just wait” but seriously, I had guys 20+ years my senior that had put their bodies through more telling me it didn’t look good.


Luckily last March I was sharing a tent at a local health fair where I struck up conversation with Dr. Erin over what I can do about my hip.  With a quick look it was decided on the spot that my right leg had become shorter than my left and that my flat footedness was aggravating the problems I was having.  I was looking forward to the spinal adjustments I’d be getting, however, I had no idea how these corrective inserts would do for my problem.  I had my doubts at first.  It was like putting small boulders in my shoes as large as my corrections needed to be.  In fact, my feet, knees, and hips took about 3-4 weeks to entirely adjust to the new settings.  It was having growing pains all over again!  But the old mantra “NO PAIN, NO GAIN” kept me trudging on with my new Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers to the point where I slowly began working back into using heavier and heavier weights. 


I use the inserts in my every day shoes and have them in all the time.  I don’t use them in the shoes I wear while exercising which is where I really feel the difference as my balance and strength have really improved.  I’m not breaking any personal records with weights yet, but the chronic and debilitating pain I once had is GONE!  Between the regular adjustments and the foot inserts, its like having a revived lower body.  I just wished I’d discovered this earlier! 


Thanks for all the help!

Sean L.



Standard Process Whole Body Support Formula

  I have a now 12 year old Chihuahua
, Bean, who in March of 2007 developed a serious heart condition. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, a heart prolapse, and a murmur. She was basically given a death sentence but was given prescriptions to keep her comfortable in the meantime.


Bean and I did not take this lying down! We had several heart tests done and had them sent to a veterinary cardiologist in Stanford. New prescriptions were given and adjustments were made to her existing prescriptions.


She did improve, but her quality of life was not good. She had almost no appetite or energy, and difficulty breathing a lot of the time. I got her on several homeopathic remedies and with adjustments here and there she improved even more. Next I hired a healer; again the

quality of her life went up!


A few months ago I started her on the Standard Process Whole Body Support Formula and the Cardiac Formula for Canines. Her energy has shot up and her appetite is greatly improved.


The rough patches with her breathing are far less often and of a shorter duration, and we've been able to suspend the healing sessions. Even with the fires putting out all this smoke in the air she has held steady. Her quality of life is good and we look forward to many happy walks together.

Heidi K.


My Personal Recommendation


Before I met Dr. Erin Parsons, I was scared of Chiropractors.  I did not fully understand what they did and I had not met anyone whom I would trust with my back.  About two years ago, I met Dr. Erin and I knew right away that she was an honest, trustworthy, and intelligent person.  Since then I have been seeing her for regular adjustments (approx. 20-30 per year) and it has been very beneficial to my overall health and fitness. 

As a financial planner, I spend a vast majority of my days sitting in front of a computer or across from clients.  In stark contrast to this, my favorite way to blow off steam at the end of the day is to go to the gym and complete a high intensity workout which usually consists of different combinations of Olympic lifting, power lifting, sprinting, and some functional exercises such as pull-ups.  To say the least, this contrast between my sedentary life and my active life really beats up my body. 

This is where Dr. Erin has come into the picture.  I try to see her every two weeks or so for regular adjustments.  I go through the full treatment – heat packs, adjustment, and roller.  A couple times during the past two years I have injured myself during my workouts (one shoulder injury, one groin injury).  Dr. Erin was more beneficial to my recovery than physical therapy because she worked at finding the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptom (pain).  Additionally, Dr. Erin fitted me for a pair of custom orthotics for use in the gym.  It surprised me how much of a difference they made in my workouts…I felt stable, stronger, and I set new personal records for the dead lift and various overhead lifts.

I fully support Dr. Erin and would not hesitate for a second to refer my clients, closest friends, and my family to her.  I know that anyone that I send her way will be better off after seeing her, whether they see her to fix a problem or just to maintain their overall health.



Steve E.


A Therapeutic Discovery


My name is Joseph. What brought me to SLO Chiropractic was an injury from a visit to the gym.  I was doing some power squats, and unfortunately, I injured my lower back. I was hesitant at first to try chiropractic treatment. I assumed the pain would go away with time. It didn’t!


I was introduced to SLO Chiropractic through my girlfriend Amber, who is also a patient of Dr. Erin. My first visit at SLO Chiropractic was GREAT! Dr. Erin was very professional. She gave me a clear explanation about chiropractic therapy and put me at ease. The pain was relieved after my first visit. My back continued to feel better as I came regularly for treatment. In a matter of weeks I was back in the gym (which I love), spinning, doing yoga, and lifting weights too. (I stay away from squats though). My favorite parts of my visit are the back adjustments and rolling machine! I always leave feeling relaxed.


I’m happy I discovered SLO Chiropractic! Pamela and Dr. Erin are always very nice. The care and courtesy I receive there make my day! I recommend SLO Chiropractic to all my friends. Thank you Pamela and Dr. Erin.


Joseph C.



A New Addition to the Family


My name is Anne and I just had my second baby, Joshua, on October 14th, 2009.  I had a great labor and delivery experience and I am so thankful for Dr. Erin’s great chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy.


I think it really helped my labor and delivery go smoothly.  My labor and delivery with my first child lasted 24 hours and had some complications that led to me having to have drugs that I was not planning on using.  So, when Dr. Erin talked to me about pre-natal chiropractic care when I found out I was pregnant, I was very open to trying it to see if it could help make my second labor shorter and hopefully easier. 


I think it definitely made a difference.  My labor and delivery was only 2 1/2 hours and only 10 minutes of pushing instead of almost 3 hours with my first!  Not only did Dr. Erin's chiropractic care help with my labor and delivery, but it really helped make a difference during my pregnancy as well.  I experienced less back pain throughout and it really helped release tension and pressure in my hips and lower back. 


I am definitely recommending pre-natal chiropractic care to all of my friends who are/will be expecting soon.  I had such a great redeeming birth story with this baby and I know that coming to see Dr. Erin played a great part in it.  Thank you Dr. Erin!!! 


Anne T.