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Pediatric Care

Babies are incredible little beings. They come out of their mother's as fully functional little people (usually).  They can see, hear, taste, eat, digest, eliminate, cry when they want something, and know instantly when they are with their mother and when they are not.  It's natural. When everything is working perfectly, and there are no interruptions or interferences they grow up to become healthy, happy, and even more amazing toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, and eventually, seniors.   

So what gets in the way? What causes the typical childhood illnesses like colic, ear infections, asthma, chronic colds or sniffling runny noses?

If you remember from the 'What is Chiropractic' section of this website, your nervous system controls EVERYTHING in your body.  The nerves coming out of your spine go to every organ and muscle in your body.  (For example: your stomach is equipped to digest food, but if it doesn't get communication from the brain on how and when to do it, it won't function properly, if at all.)

When babies go through the birth process (whether it's through the birth canal or through a C-section) their spines get an enormous amount of pressure put on them as they are pushed and squished and pulled out.  That is the first trauma to the spine, and the first chance that the communication from the brain to the body is disconnected. 

When this happens there are MANY different symptoms that can show up including: colic, trouble feeding, trouble sleeping, ear infections, bed wetting past the appropriate age, growing pains, behavioral disorders, asthma, and headaches, just to name a few.

So to answer a VERY common question....
"How old do you have to be to get adjusted?"  The answer is: You are NEVER too old (or too young!) to get adjusted!
Dr. Parsons has checked and adjusted babies hours and days old. Some have come in because their parents knew how important it was to get their spines checked after the potential trauma of the birth process, and others have come in for specific problems like: not feeding properly, constant crying, constipation, etc.  These symptoms have come on instantly after childbirth and are so easily fixable!

How do you adjust a newborn baby? Is it the same as an adult?  Absolutely not.  Babies do not have the same muscle mass and tension that adults or even children have (which is why you have to support their heads the first few months of life).  The adjustments are extremely gentle and safe.  Imagine the amount of pressure you would push down on the keys of your cell phone, and put that pressure on your baby’s spine. That's it!  It's less than you actually use to change their diapers and dress them!  Yes, it is that gentle and that effective, because it is SPECIFIC to the part of the spine that has the misalignment.  After the adjustment, the baby’s nervous system can start working as it was meant to.  (Sometimes too quickly! I have warned parents that after an adjustment to correct constipation.... BEWARE and bring extra diapers!)

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