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Links, Research, and Other Information

wellevate.me/erin-parsons/ - Wellevate | Professional Suppliment Dispensary


www.americanpregnancy.org/ - Great Pregnancy Information


www.chiropracticresearch.org Chiropractic Research


www.chiro.org Chiropractic Research


www.hpakids.org  Holistic Family Health and Wellness


www.icpa4kids.org International Chiropractic Pediatric Association


www.metagenics.com Quality Vitamins/Supplements available in our office


www.scuhs.edu Los Angeles College of Chiropractic-Dr. Parson's Alma Mater


www.llli.org La Leche League


www.NVIC.org National Vaccine Information Center


www.shopecobambino.com Natural Products for Children


www.standardprocess.com Whole Food Supplements carried in our office.